Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Mercedes

Mission Statement:  

The purpose and focus of the Sacred Heart Parish Institute is to promote conversion and provide the faithful of Sacred Heart Catholic Church with opportunities to learn so that they may be grounded in their Catholic Faith. Therefore, allowing them to grow in faith through doctrine and give witness to the spiritual tradition of the Catholic Church, while at the same time being able to extend to others the invitation to join in mission of the Church.

Who Can Attend?

        All adults seeking to continue growing in knowledge of our Faith is welcome to participate in our courses through Sacred Heart Parish Institute. Although our Parish Institute is intended to offer Formation for the Adults of our Parish, all adults are welcome to join us for a course.


How do we Register?

 Adults attending to continue Faith Formation only need to complete the Registration Form and will be added to the Database. Adults seeking to receive a Sacrament through our Parish must turn in all Certificates of any Sacraments already received. If the Adult is not Baptized then they must turn in a Birth Certificate. 

What is the Fee?

There are no Fees to register and participate in the SHPI Courses. Some Courses may require you to purchase a Book to help guide you through the session. For courses that may require this, the Instructor will guide you on where to find the material needed. 

Who can Register to receive a Sacrament?

Adults who have the desire to receive a Sacrament in our Parish, must be Registered Parishioners. Adults belonging to another Parish, must bring a letter from their Parish Priest allowing them to prepare in our Parish Institute. This will be done on a case to case basis and all reception of Sacraments for non-parishioners must be approved by our Parish Priest before we move forward in the process. 

How do we know what classes to take?

Adults who register to prepare for a Sacrament will be given a "Prescription" which will state the courses that are required for each individual. All adults are welcome to attend any courses not stated in their prescription to  continue growing in the knowledge of our faith. 

Adults who register to continue their Formation but will not receive a Sacrament are welcome to attend any and  all courses offered in our Institute.

What are Credits?

A Credit is the value that we give to the courses that are offered through our Parish Institute.

1 Credit is equivalent to 1 Hour of Formation. Each course will vary in credits depending on the length of the course and whether questions are assigned to the class that is being taken.

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."  Matthew 28:19-20

"I invite you to join me in prayer for the next couple of months in discernment of Jesus' particular mission in our parish. I present to you a prayer especially composed in preparation for this great mission. God has already provided with all we need to fulfill his command, it is time for us to just GO! "


                                                                                                                      Father Eduardo Ortega